Su Paull Art

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Artist Statement

I tend to use my artist name Su Paull. I am originally from South Wales and I have lived in the local area of Hampshire for over 20 years.

I did an Art Foundation course in 2002 at Alton College and then completed my BA Fine Art Degree at Winchester School of Art in 2007.

Many of my sketches and paintings are of the human figure, as I attended many life drawing classes in the early years of my learning. I then decided in my degree course to study the figure in a more abstract way.

My more recent works are done in oil paints, which are applied with a palette board rather than a brush, this gives me the fluidity and textural qualities that I intend to convey. I want to express aura and atmosphere within my compositions with the help of colour and it’s material; expressing the form and its movement as a simplistic symbol.

I want the viewer’s to engage with the pieces. I hope you enjoy my work!

Su Wilson